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Adjustable tension carriage (Max Micron and other Prusa i3)

3D model description

••this is still in development- any constructive feed back is welcome••
(I'm currently using version 2, version 3 has only minor additions but let me know of any issues please)

Got tired of the difficulties installing a properly tensioned belt on my Max Micron printer. It's either too tight or too loose. And then the add on type adjustable tensioners mostly are prone to breaking or "lean" the belt. then the springs and arch type clip on tensioners cause vibrations and/or bind the movement of the belt.

So I designed this. Sorta set it and forget it tensioner, but has the ability to be adjusted down to road to counter printer wear and such.

• no vibration or feed back into prints
• no loss of travel length like clips or "ziptie" methods that can hit the pulley or motor on extreme travel.
• Stronger than most pulley adjuster setups I've seen and used.
• cleaner belt alignment & movement over "clip on" tensioners
• set it and forget it (but can still be adjusted later)
• all nuts are inset for ease and less tools needed
• belt tension tightens nut to maintain hold. the hard it pulls, the tighter it gets.
• all mounting and screws should stay the same as stock with just the addition of the M5 nut and bolt for the adjuster.

•• note #1- tolerances are kinda tight, recommend 0.1 or better resolution and 50% infill for strength••

•• note #2 - belt tightens with bolt tightening, use caution not to over tighten belt! ••

  • 3D file format: STL





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