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Adjustable / Extendable Filament Spool Stand - Flashforge Creator Pro additions

3D model description

Saw this cool looking filament holder on thingiverse that I liked but I wanted it to be resizable depending on the spool width. So i designed one where you can use 3 bridge parts to set the width of the holder. I also put holes in these bridges so I can create some addons.

The first thing I made was these "hooks" so I can keep the stool hanging on the top of my printer. Works pretty well but when printinging large pieces that take up most of the plate it can get a little problematic with the filament uncoiling but on smaller things it does the job. I might make a different addon where I can keep the Holder on the table and have the filament fed upward into the printer to help with the bigger prints.

The only thing you really need is four 8x22x7 ball bearing. They just pop right in.

Included the freecad source, so have fun with any remixes.

  • 3D model format: STL





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