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Adjustable Center Hub Spool Holder

3D model description

This is a quick change spool holder. I didn't want to have to unbolt the spool every time I changed out some filament. I also tried a spool holder that sits on top of bearings, but when you got close to the end of the filament, the spool would get pulled off of the holder.

This is a remix of three things with a bit of my own design. The arms hold the hubs on a track system and when you turn the knob it tightens up to hold the filament spool in place. A dab or two of super glue secures the knob to the screw. The hubs are designed to spin on 608 bearings with 8mm x 60mm long bolts for attachment. You will need 4 each bearings, 2 each bolts with nylock nuts and 6 each 8mm washers. Tighten the nylock nuts to where the hubs will spin freely.

The hubs will accommodate spools with a center hole of 50mm - 65mm. If you have a larger spool also print 2 of the "enbiggener" parts. This expansion sleeve slides over the original hubs - increasing the capacity up to 85mm. I have remixed the original version with some little nubs to help hold it on. Print this part with 2 walls and 5-15% infill. It needs to be a little flexible.

I have included an adapter base for my Adimlab printer to fit on top of the control box. It could be easily made to fit other control boxes. There is also a new bracket to mount at a 90 degree angle. This is good for printers like the Adimlab Gantry-S or Creality Ender 3.

UPDATE: 9/16/2019 while printing this for myself I noticed some issues. I have made several adjustments to the parts and renamed all the parts for clarity. I made the original base with two diamonds and a circle as a way to lesson material to print. With this update I added even more choices.

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