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Additional wheel/cone for Creator Pro Universal Spool Holder

3D model description

This modify's Nas7's superb design for a spool holder by creating a wider (as wide as can be printed, very nearly) baffle which fits to the same design.

I have quite a number of filament samples which are a cheap way of getting lots of colour choice without huge expense and lots of reels.

The downside is that the come without reels. Using this baffle, it's possible to put the spool onto the pillar without it falling off or tangling; obviating the need for a reel.

  • 3D model format: STL



I am very much an enthusiastic amateur when it comes to designing. My designs tend to have two things in common

1) They serve a purpose. I like to design functional objects which have a real-world use. 3D printing for art is fine, but it's its real-world application which will take the technology forward
2) Wherever possible I design to be easy to print and try to eschew supports or complex printing; modifying the design where necessary and possible to achieve this.



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