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Acceleration Test Shape - Print Aid

3D model description

Looking to install and use ReplicatorG-Sailfish on your Replicator 2?

Here is a step-by-step guide along with Skeinforge profiles tuned for the Replicator 2 that will get you started with 120mm/s printing and all the other wonderful Sailfish trimmings. There is also a test object you can print to confirm you are getting the kind of output you should expect.

###UPDATE (28 April 2013)

Updated profiles for ReplicatorG 40(r16) with full 5D pre-prime. I now advise using a combination of firmware de-prime and retraction. Set the firmware de-prime to 16 steps in the onboard preferences. The “Retraction Distance” in the Skeinforge “Dimension” module in these profiles will be set to 2mm.

###UPDATE (27 Mar 2013)

I have added a bash script for downloading and installing pypy on the Mac. You will need to run "chmod 755" before you can execute it from the terminal. See the installation guide for details.

3D printing settings

Please download and read the included PDF guide for instructions on how to download and install ReplicatorG, upload the Sailfish firmware to your Replicator 2 and configure it.

  • 3D file format: STL and ZIP





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