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3D-Printable Filament! -Print Your Own Filament for Multi-Color!

3D model description

3D-Print your own filament!

Please see the video for more information, and a proper look at these prints - The pictures don’t do the colors justice!:

Its sounds crazy, but it works! This technique will allow you to create one offs, and to color match your 3D-prints.

It works by changing the filament (and the color) of your filament while printing, and this causes a multi colored filament, that can be printed again to archive a homogenic-color.

Use 100% infill and turn off combing! – I’m still working on Slicer settings, since I still get wired travels in the middle, that make my filament less consistent. -Please share your slicer settings if you find something that works well!

When printing with the 3d-printed-fillament, you need to increase the flow, I had to increase it to 150%, but this number will vary from printer to printer, some experimenting is required.

There are 2 STLs, one that gives you around 7g of material, and one that gives you 30g.
Both are designed around a ~200x200mm print bed.

Update, added a 110mm version for smaller printers, thisone i have NOT tested yet.

Check out my social media for sneak peaks and memes:

  • 3D file format: STL
  • 3D model size: X 440 × Y 439 × Z 1.51 mm





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