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3/8 inch linear rod press fit clamp

3D model description

This is a press fit rod clamp that I built for my Thing-O-Matic so I could freely position the Z home limit switch on the 3/8” linear rod of the Z axis.

The motivation behind this clamp is that I typically design and print small objects in height, less than 30mm on average, so waiting on the Z-axis to travel ~120mm to find home is a waste of time. To save time I wanted to be able to adjust the location of the Z limit switch on the TOM, this clamp allows me to do that. The clamp could be used for other purposes also.

After moving the Z limit switch recalibrating for new prints is a breeze because with Replicator 0025 it comes with the “Thing O Matic Calibration Script” which allows me to quickly recalibrate right from the UI with a couple of clicks.

3D printing settings

  1. Print.
  2. "Break-in" the clamp by snapping it on and off the z-axis linear rod a few times
  3. Unbolt Z-limit switch from Thing-O-Matic
  4. Detach cable from Z limit switch
  5. On the top of the rectangular tab drill two holes for the limit switch to be mounted to. Use the limit switch as a guide for the holes.
  6. Fasten the limit switch to the rod clamp with nuts and bolts
  7. Re-attach cable to Z limit switch
  8. Snap clamp onto Z axis
  9. Slide clamp into desired position
  10. Within ReplicatorG from the menus choose File->Scripts->Calibration->Thing-o-matic calibration.gcode
  11. Click build
  12. Position print head at x,y (0,0) with the print head just barely touching build surface
  13. Click "Yes" prompt in ReplicatorG
  14. Wait for all limit switches to be hit
  15. Done.
  • 3D file format: STL





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