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18650 Lithium Cell Battery Holder

3D model description

I needed a rugged dependable battery holder for an audio project. None of the stuff on thingiverse seemed awesome enough, so I made this!

To build, you'll need some hard plastic like PLA, ABS, whatever. I used ColorFabb regular white. You'll also need some rubbery material. I used PolyMakr PolyFlex, which works great on an unmodified replicator 2. You will also need three 4G countersunk screws and ideally one pan head 4G screw for the negative terminal. Use brass countersunk screws and zink pan head for neat golden positive silver negative colouring!

To attach wires, simply place the wire through the screw hole before screwing in the screw. You can also easily clip alligator clips on to the screws for easy experiments!

  • 3D file format: STL





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