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Venus of Monruz

3D model description

Nothing compares to the beauty of the original photographed in studio light, but this is my attempt to re-create one of my favorite Venus idols in a reproducible form. It always disheartened me that such a beautiful piece of Paleolithic art was virtually unknown and not available in a form that could be purchased, printed or worn. Now it's out there!

The Venus of Monruz is an 11,000 year old, highly-stylized goddess amulet cut from black jet that was found in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Currently, I print everything on a stock Creality Ender 3 using Creality's included slicing software. I build using Tinkercad, which is an amazing free 3d creation program.

Please feel free to remix, polish or otherwise work with the piece. Attribution is always celebrated! If you make something from it, I'd love to see the results.

  • 3D model format: STL



My Name is E.S. Wynn. I am the author of over seventy books in print, as well as the chief editor of Thunderune Publishing. In my spare time, I spin stories, build board games, stitch together battle jackets, run a pair of magazines, make videos about Norse Shamanism on Youtube and encourage people to create new art constantly. I am openly transgender and do what I can to pursue acceptance and love for and within the trans community. During the last decade, I have worked with hundreds of authors and edited thousands of manuscripts for nearly a dozen different magazines. My stories and articles have been published in dozens of journals, e-zines and anthologies. I have taught classes in literature, marketing, math, spirituality, energetic healing and guided meditation. I have also worked as a voice-over artist for several different horror and sci-fi podcasts, albums and ebooks.



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