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Unicorn Charm! (I.e.

3D model description

We're back!

This time we've brought you a really special charm! A UNICORN! ❤

And it's not a simple one ... you can customize it as you want! The hair file is divided into five parts so you can print every one in a different color! You have the option of printing the whole hair in one color, choosing the 'unicorn hair hair' (this is the one we used in our photos!)
Then you print the case and the face, neck Together in different files, in the photo we used 'unicorn face and neck' to print everything in the same color) and finally the horn! And you got it! This charm is made to be as personal as possible so you can print different parts in different colors and change them and play everytime you want! Also you have the full unicorn charm in case you want everything in the same color (this option is called 'unicorn full').

Check our page for more charms, bookmarks and cute ideas and feel free to suggest new designs on comments !!
We have new designs every week! Stay tuned and follow us !! We are back!

And for this return we have brought a very special pendant ... ONE UNICORN! ❤

And it's not any unicorn! It's totally customizable !! The hair is divided into five different parts to be able to print each of a color and have a unicorn with multicolored hair! In addition there is also the file to be able to print all the hair in the same color if you want! (This option is called "unicorn hair hair" and is the one we used in the photos).
A part of the hair, you can print the outside, which is the housing where everything is mounted, the face and the neck (separately or all together like the hair, we use the option of everything together in the photos that is The file "unicorn face and neck") and finally the horn! You can print as many pieces as you want to be able to exchange them and play all you want and thus have several different pendants!
In addition, there is also the option of printing the entire set in a single color, which is the so-called "full unicorn".

Visit our page for more pendants, bookmarks and super cute stuff!
Leave us a comment with your ideas and we will do it!
We upload new designs every week, stay tuned !!


3D printing settings

To print the unicorn in different colors you have to print:
-Full hair same color: unicorn hair hair
-Hair in different colors: unicorn hair 1,2,3,4,5

-Face And neck same color: unicorn face and neck
-Face and neck different colors: unicorn face + unicorn neck

CASE: unicorn case

HORN: unicorn horn

To print the whole unicorn in one color you have to choose the option Unicorn

  • 3D file format: STL





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