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Ultra-Slim Wristband - Clever link system. MakerBot logo or plain versions.

3D model description

This wristband is a very cool wearable 3D item that amazes most people not familiar with 3D printing The strap is only 0.7mm thick and the linking pins ( height including strap) just 2.9mm tall. This makes it slim, flexible (so comfortable and conforms to your wrist) and is removable as/when you want.

The link takes a bit of practice to link/unlink easily but it's not hard. Once snapped in place it will stay secure until you want to remove it. The side slots weaken the strap where necessary so it shapes to your wrist... and look sporty.

Two versions of .stl's are provided. One with the MakerBot text and the other plain. There are three sizes in each version to suit wrist sizes. If you still need bigger or smaller scale uniformly as required.

If you want to change the colour of the lettering on the MakerBot version pause at 1.0mm (approx. 85% of build) and swap the filament.

Refer to instructions for print details.

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3D printing settings

This needs to be printed 'solid' so use 3 shells and 75% infill. Use Std. 0.20mm resolution. Raft not required.

With the MakerBot logo version (MB .stl files) change filamemt colour at 1.0mm or approx. 85% of the build.

  • 3D file format: STL





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