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Summer Time (Necklace/Belt)

3D model description

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Name: Summer Time (Necklace/ Belt)
(I made it as a necklace but I think it would look good as a belt for a white summer dress too!)

I chose to have it printed with vibrant different colors, as the colors remind me of the positivity and happiness associated with the summer sunshine :)

This necklace has some important meaning to the old me several months back.. In that period of time I felt like my life was a mess, and I wanted to bring some order back to life. I explored it on the paper. I drew some circles as perfectly as possible, and then let myself drew freely inside the circles without much thoughts. A contrast between orderliness and disorder. I let this limited randomness flow on the paper and see where it would take me. The final patterns, on one hand, seem to be organized lines; on the other hand, their shapes and composition are the product of my free and spontaneous thoughts. The balance between being organized and being “free”, restricted messiness ... I guess that was what I was trying to explore at that time :)

  • 3D model format: STL





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