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Reverse Engineer's Ring

3D model description

Sans professional rite of passage, the Reverse Engineer's Ring is a variation of a Canadian engineering tradition - the Iron Ring.

The Reverse Engineer's Ring is to serve as a reminder that you don't have to be building bridges or parking structures to have the potential to accidentally ruin somebody's day or somebody's life with your creations. Out of respect for the original tradition, the design of the ring is coarser in appearance (six facets top and bottom instead of twelve). The ring should be worn on the little finger of your dominant hand, such that when you draw or write, the flat edges rub against the page.

3D printing settings

This ring was created using Blender's bolt generator plugin, and some trial and error. I printed a few different versions in plastic first with one of my Repraps, so I could wear the ring around for a while to debug it before printing it in "stainless" steel via an online printing service.

I encourage you to follow this method, as it will result in something relatively unique.

For those interested, the file provided here (if I uploaded the right thing) has an inner diameter of approximately 17mm.

  • 3D file format: STL





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