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Palmiga Bracelet - Ring Collection

3D model description

Hope U enjoy my collection of bracelets (or rings if scaled), also try to combine 2 bracelets in the same print, Z-rotate or mirror to make your own versions...

I printed with flexible ETPU 95-250 Carbon Black filament on my upgraded Replicator 1 with the awesome Bondtech extruder

YES! I need more tweaking in the slicer BUT look at the effortless speed and no webbing / stringing issues with a flexible TPU filament :-) I want Bondtech extruders in all my printers...

0,8mm nozzle, 0,2mm layers, 210 deg C (50 on platform), 4000mm/min (67mm/s), 1mm retraction, coasting 0,5mm, wipe 1mm.

Please also check out my unique UV-stable, flexible and conductive filament called ETPU 95-250 Carbon Black filament

Don´t need the conductivity? Well the conductivity is great for some things but perhaps not your first choice? Then consider this:

This filament will give you some really nice benefits if the conductivity is not an disadvantage for your 3D printed design:

•The material composition eliminates “stringing / webbing” issues.
•The hardness of 95 shore A and the carbon black filler makes for great print abilities.
•The carbon black filler is an excellent UV stabilizer thus the prints are built to last in very harsh environments.
•The matte black surface finish has a very exclusive look.
•The material feels very nice and dry to touch.
•It´s not too stretchy and will do great for timing belts etc.

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Keep in mind that you use my designs on your own risk and that I in no way is responsible for any damage och injuries.

  • 3D file format: STL





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