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Naruto: All 10 Akatsuki Rings

3D model description

All 10 of the Akatsuki rings from the Naruto anime. This one was a bit difficult due to the inconsistency of how the rings are portrayed in the anime, and finding kanji that matched was pretty tricky. Each ring should have a default horizontal inner diameter of about 1.9 cm., with the vertical slightly shortened by the top mantle. Below is a list of each of the rings' respective owners, the ring position, the background color of the ring, and the meaning of the kanji.

Pain: Right thumb, light purple, Rei-zero

Deidera: Right index finger, teal, Ao-blue

Konan: Right middle finger, white, Bya-white

Itachi: Right ring finger, red, Shu-vermillion or scarlet

Zetsu: Right pinky, green, Gai-"boar"

Orochimaru: Left pinky, dark blue, Ku-"sky" or "void"

Kisame: Left ring finger, yellow, Nan-South

Kakuzu: Left middle finger, dark green, Hoku-North

Hidan: Left index finger, orange, San-three

Sasori/Tobi: Left thumb, purple, Gyoku-"jewel" or "ball"

Info is from the Naruto wiki

3D printing settings

Print with a raft and supports. A .3 or below layer height should be good. As with just about any ring, a 50% or above infill should be used. A may also be a good idea to print it 90 degrees from the x-axis to counteract stress from wearing it. Take care when removing the supports. Enjoy!

  • 3D file format: STL



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