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More Customizable Stretchlet Bracelet

3D model description

Added clasp option. Fixed hollow knurled option bug. Bracelet layer thickness. Optimized for customizer tabs (thanks tbuser!)

Added Hollow and Knurled options. Solved horizontal banding spacing issue to not break the 60° rule. New ancestor:

Bug fix for the solid option. More code cleanup.

New option for solid bracelet. Updated customizer input selections, and file housekeeping.

I loved the stretchlet bracelet by emmett, but it was hard to tweak the settings to get a different type. I have made heavy modifications to his original code, and added some new options.
Starting out with the inside circumference to make sure it fits you.
I fixed the bug where the number of corded bands affected the other types.
I added vertical banding.
I gave options for number of vertical and horizontal bands, CW or CCW cording, and many others. Please try it out!
P.S. This is actually my very first foray into Open SCAD. I was just fooling around with emmetts file and got carried away!

Future revisions may include: Hollow stl for easier printing, open loop with one bend larger to act as a clasp, and lettering on the flat bracelet. Check back in later!

3D printing settings

Open this in customizer and use the provided instructions there.
A word of caution: There are over 15 billion possible outputs from this custom thing. They have not all been tested yet. Please make sure your bracelet looks like a bracelet before you make your .stl file.
In order to print these "hockey puck" stl files, you must turn off the fill and make sure there is no bottom or top printing. Print with only 1 outer shell. There is plenty of discussion on the techniques in emmett's original thing.
I have included 4 example stl, but why not make your own?

  • 3D file format: STL





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