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Flower Fobs... Flower Key Fobs that Spin!

3D model description

This small print will be popular with everyone from your Mum, Sister, Girl Friend, Aunty etc. A quick easy and unique gift idea...

There are two types... one that has the side not attached to the keys that rotates / spins freely. The other type is a simple fixed key fob (no rotation / movement) and is the .stl titles 'solid'..

Pause your print part way through to create a unique Flower Fob in the colours of choice. Approximate colour change points 'with a 1mm Raft' are:

First Change: 4mm / 48%
Second Change: 8mm / 76%

Please refer to the print settings and images for additional details and to see the result...

Flower Fobs (with Raft) only use 6gm of filament and take half an hour to print (on a Replicator 2). At standard scale a Flower fob (excl. attachment end) is 30mm in diameter.

The rotating type is a print-in-place design that does not require any automated support. A small support block has been designed in to support the Key Ring attachment. This should cut away relatively easily. Fine clearances are used so some machines may not be accurate enough to achieve a free spinning Flower Fob at standard scale. The simple solution to address this is uniformly scale it up a fraction to increase the clearances.

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  • 3D file format: STL





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