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final fantasy 15 noctis ring of the lucii

3D model description

my first upload!!! i wanted to make make the ring of the lucii as i could'int find a model of it any where and it looked like it would be a fun project :P hope you like it send photos of your prints i would love to see how they turn out :)

hello i have updated this model for 3d metal printing!!! there was problems with some of the walls being to thin as well as some of the geometry just being to small.

if you would like to buy a stainless steel version of this ring and would like to support my designs have a look at this link :) thank you.

3D printing settings

print at 50 microns if possible the there is very small detail. tilt the front of the ring up at a 30 degree angle so that the support material is not on the front of the ring

  • 3D file format: STL



hello My name is David and I am a super geeky artist based in Scotland and I design 3D files !!!

if you like my work and wanna help me continue to make the models have a look at my Patreon XD patrons get exclusive models as well as higher detail versions of models all ready posted :D



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