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Fila-Buster aka Knuckabiner

3D model description

I have had this pair of knuckles designed for some time. I have since wanted to make a carabiner combination. Now is the time that they collide for more form than function.
Functioning knuckles? Sure, although you might hurt yourself.
Functioning carabiner? Absolutely, but you may get stopped on the street for wearing one.
Win win.

Carabiner mechanism thanks to Jinja. I credit the name of this thing to Jeremy Gonzalez's quick wit.

3D printing settings

This scale fits my on-the-small-side-man-hands. Scale it up or down to fit. Jinja's mechanism works like a dream so no problems there.

This print seems solid at 10% infill. Increase to get a longer life span out of the part.

I offer 3 sizes for ease of scaling.
Fila-buster has a ring size of about 11/12 or about 20mm diamter
Fila-buster_med has a ring size of about 15/16 or about 24mm diameter
Fila-buster_lrg has a ring size of about 21/22 or about 29mm diameter

The photo is from Steve Gonzalez, he wanted something to hook onto his gym bag, so he scaled the original file to 1.557 the size. Quite large compared to the original.

  • 3D file format: STL





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