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Apple Key Fob... The must have 'Apple Logo' shaped Key Fob for Apple / iPhone / iPad Fans

3D model description

Apple / iPhone / iPad owners will appreciate this little 'accessory'...

This Apple logo shaped key fob is best printed in two colours. Just pause your machine as per the instructions provided and change your filament colour to suit.

At standard size it measure approx. 32mm (W) x 40mm (H) x 6mm thick so is quick and easy to print. There is a small amount of designed in support that should come away easily along with the Raft.

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3D printing settings

On a Replicator 2 this prints well at Standard 0.20mm Resolution / 3 Shells / 65% infill (so it is strong and will last well on your key ring).

With MakerBot Desktop if you use Raft change colours at 2mm (35% complete) and 6mm (85% complete. The mm change points can be set to automatically pause the machine on 4th Generation MakerBot's but on 5th Generation models and other machines you will need to manually pause it around the percentages given.

If you aren't using Raft change at 1mm and 5mm (I.e. Raft is approx. 1.0mm to 1.2mm thick).

Refer to the images provided for more information.

  • 3D file format: STL





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