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Wood PLA Coffee Espresso Tamper

3D model description

This is a fully printable wooden PLA coffee / espresso tamper. The original design is for a 52mm portafilter, specifically for the breville barista express. This being said the design is quite adaptable because it is 2 parts that screw together, the base and the handle, so I can take requests for specific portafilter sizes.

This is a pretty simple design and print but what sets it apart is in the filament used and the work done post print. I must say this Wood PLA is quite amazing and the things you can do in post printing open a lot of new possibilities.

This HatchBox Wood PLA is highly sand-able, stainable and takes a polyurethane sealing coat very well.

I highly recommend checking it out, it can be found here:
HatchBox Wood PLA -

The other filament I used for the "metal" base was prusament grey, I plan to test more interesting metaling finish PLA soon.
Prusament PLA Pearl Mouse -

Materials for post printing are:

Sand Paper -
Here is a great assortment from 120-3000 grit

Wood Stain -
Any color works, this brand worked great.

Spray on polyurethane finish -
To seal and provide a nice gloss to the prints

Post-Print Procedure
After printing I started with a heavier sand paper to get rid of obvious layer lines, although with printing at 0.1mm this wasn't much of an issue. Started with 150 - 200 grit.

Progressed with lighter sand paper around 320 grit until very smooth.

Then use very light sand paper and wet sanded to almost polish the finish. This was 1000-2000 grit.

After the sanding process I applied the stain, I coated the piece pretty heavy and let it sit and soak in then wiped the remaining stain off. I let the piece sit and dry until it was no longer wet to the touch.

I then applied the polyurethane in small coats allowing about 30 min to dry in between. 2-3 coats did the trick.

Once this was completely cured 3-4 hrs later I did a quick wet sanding again to polish the finish with 2000 grit paper.

This same process can actually be done for the silver piece to make it look more like metal.

3D printing settings

0.1 Layer Height

  • 3D file format: STL



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