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Wine Glass Marker - Subtle, practical and stylish 3D printing talking point!

3D model description

This is a great solution to differentiate wine glasses during dinners, at parties and events.

Wine glass markers commonly available in shops are usually attached via a clip or chains etc. Clip on types only often only fit specific stem diameters and the chain types aren't always easy to fit and remove and not everyone likes the look of them.

These wine glass markers will easily fit onto any wine glass with a stem of up to 10mm. Just push the slotted area into the stem, rotate 90 degrees and it's in place and can't come off without reversing the process.

Easy print in a range of colours and pause part way through to change colours to add to your range of unique markers. Colours can represent everything from bees (yellow/black stripes) through to flags colours etc. (i.e. Use red/white/green stripes for Italian flag colours).

There is built in support that snaps away easily (but still takes care as it is a very small thing).

This is a fantastic 3D printing talking point as it demonstrates another simple application for this amazing technology.

3D printing settings

Print with 3 or 4 shells and 35% or greater infill with Raft on. Leave support off as the required support has been designed in already.

Use Z-Pause (on a Replicator 2) to change filament colours to suit during the print.

The support will need a small amount of force to break it away from the upper edge of the print. Once the tip is free the remainder should pull away easily.

Easy to print, is of practical value, and can be a real talking point as well as much lower cost than buying a set in store!

  • 3D file format: STL





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