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Windmill (Garden / Toy)

3D model description

This is a little windmill that adds a little color sport into your e.g. garden. It's mainly a 200mm x 200mm x 0.4mm flat sheet of plastic with some mounts for the bent wings and a 10mm stick.

If you like this thing, you might want to print those, too:

Windmill - 8 wings (Garden / Toy):

Butterfly - Wiggly colorful blobs for the garden or flowerpot:

Butterfly - Wiggly colorful blobs for the garden or flowerpot:

3D printing settings

Printer Brand: Prusa
Printer: i3 MK3
Rafts: No
Supports: No
Resolution: 0.2mm (that's important)
Infill: 10% (doesn't matter)

Filament: Das Filament / Prusa (not Prusament) PETG Das Filament (Melonengelb / Melon Yellow) / Prusa (Translucent Red)


My Printer is a single nozzle printer with no Palette or MMU. To create a multi color print without those nice tools, I use a Prusa ( service that insert commands into the gcode file, that stops the print, asks the user to change filament and continues the print after this procedure.

My first layer is yellow, I changed the filament once at 0.4mm to a translucent red (that's why the wings are kind of yellow).

For those of you, that have a multi material printer, I've added special STL files. But I haven't tested them.

I haven't used glue for the mount of the wings, but time will tell if it holds through the summertime.

  • 3D file format: F3D, GCODE, STEP, and STL





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