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Wallet and Key Fob Holder!

3D model description

Felt motivated to make something, so I made this!

The nightstand next to my bed is (was) a little disorganized. There wasn't really a place to put anything besides wherever was closest, so I felt the urge to clean it up. I made this in Tinkercad in about half an hour (the rounded edges were a little tough), and it works great!

I'm not sure what brand wallet I use. My key fob is for a Nissan, and I'm not sure how it squares (or rounds, rather) up against other Nissan or other car keys but the cylinder I used for the hold was 37.5x20x75cm (LxWxH). The section for the wallet, or anything else, is 95x45x65cm, although it doesn't matter how tall the objects you are putting in there are.

I hope this works for other people! It's a very simple design but I'm quite proud of what can be done in a program like Tinkercad. Enjoy!

  • 3D file format: STL
  • 3D model size: X 70 × Y 95 × Z 65 mm



I love printing. In my free time, I am almost always 3D printing something or designing. I use my Original Prusa i3 MK3S (with a semi-reliable MMU2S) to print all my models (well, all models after September 2018) and teach some kids at the local Elementary School. :)



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