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Voronoi Ball Lampshade

3D model description

Updated 3rd July 2020: (Lamp D)
Added a separate collar file, fixed an issue with the voronoi file to allow insertion of the globe at the bottom. Standardised the neck (see below).

I have printed this without a raft, however if you have any issues with adhesion I’d recommend a raft (I use a anycubic glass plate on the Tevo Tornado). This will print in one piece (except the collar), but it’s slow on the Tevo (5 days).

I have a seperate collar as all future lamps I make will use this as a standard as it suits the fittings I use. Doing several lampshades to fit the house out.

A voronoi ball lampshade. Based up separate “orange peel” wedges.
Dimensions: diameter approx 280mm
Collar center diameter 26mm suitable for a standard lamp fitting.

The voronoi only file is provided here if you want to add your own collar. (stl)

Test Print @ 180mm diameter:
Takes about 85m Of filament and 36 hours to print at 0.2 resolution.

Full Print @ 280mm Diameter:
Takes about 275m of filament and 5 days to print at 0.2 resolution

  • 3D file format: STL





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