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VESA Mount Adapter Bracket for Dell ST-Series Monitors - ST2420L, ST2421L/LB, ST2220M/LC, ST2321L/LF, ST2320L

3D model description

I bought Some Dell monitors and used them for some time. Eventually I got a mount, so I could have a 4 monitor setup. These didn't have VESA mounts, so I was looking at replacing all my monitors.

I decided to model an adapter to fit on my monitor to hold it to my VESA mounts. This is that mount.

Print in Nylon, 100% infill, and standing up. No supports needed. There are 2 built in supports you can clip away real easy. you may need to do a little finessing to get it to fit in just right, but it should work well.

The version here requires that you cut 1/2 inch of the plastic flap covering the mount on the monitor. I am working on one where that is not required. Also included a monitor mount that you thread a bolt with about 1/4" thickness in one end and use a 3m pad on the other to keep it upright. you'll be able to fine adjust the angle with that bolt and 2 nuts that fit.


Added a Monitor bolt holder. Use a .25" threaded rod and screw into the bolt holder. Use 3m adhesive to stick to the large flat side, and pass the bold through the top largest hole. Use washers and nuts to secure in place at the desired angle. This can also be use for fine angle adjustments.


I awoke to a loud crash. The adhesive pad came loose and flung my monitor towards my desk. It snapped the bracket at the weakest point. So I decided to switch it up.

Use one of these glued to the back of your monitor. Slide a zip tie through and through the top hole of he mount. pull tight and so that it flexes just a little. proper positioning makes the dell logo on the back look like a power symbol, with the zip tie holder splitting the circle vertically. Use super glue or your favorite strong adhesive. Sure, its more permanent, but it's stronger. I printed this out of nylon as well.

  • 3D file format: STL





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