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Vases - Indent - Outdent

3D model description

Hello! This vases are meant to be paused at different heights, change the spool and continue. How you do this?

  1. Hit pause on the print at desired height.
  2. Release the filament pusher, and pull out the filament.
  3. Push in the new filament, all the way until it extrudes a bit. Keep manually extruding until you see the color changes completely (so it sweeps out remainings of the last color)
  4. Hit continue on the print. Easy.

There are 2 models, 4 versions in total:

  • Indent - No holes at the bottom
  • Indent - Holes at the bottom (to use as planter)
  • Outdent - No holes at the bottom
  • Outdent - Holes at the bottom (to use as planter)

You can play with different color combinations, the ones shown are just a couple of ideas.

Have fun!

  • 3D file format: STL



Just random designs of pretty much any topic. Whatever pops into my head, I'll probably try to model for printing. Browse away, you'll never know what you might find.



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