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Vase holder with light recess

3D model description

A vase holder that allows for an ikea LED light to be placed underneath giving a great glow effect from under a glass vase.

3D printing settings

My daughters sea dragons (very small pet crustaceans) were very hard to see without a torch. I thought the combination of glass vase and some ikea LED lights might do the the trick.

With this vase light stand you can easily add a LED light and very clearly see every little sea makes for a good mood light!

The glass vase has diameter of 110mm and the LED lights are 58mm diameter and 3mm deep.

I designed on tinkerCad and the resultant STL has been run through NetFabb.

Makerware used for slicing (first time in a long time I've not used ReplicatorG) with following settings:

Supports - None

Object infill - 15%

Layer hight - 0.30

Number of shells - 2

Feedrate - 40 mm/s

Travel rate - 56 mm/s

Print temperature - 230

  • 3D model format: STL





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