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Underside Clip

3D model description

My second attempt of designing a clip to mount upside down :-O The idea is to retain cables (seasonal lights for the gutters).

This one should be printed on its side and No supports used.

I wanted the flow of the filament to go along the length of the hook which gives it a lot more flex.
A choice of 2 versions here. One with a screw mount and one without (double sided tape?)
The screw I used is 3.5 x 16mm - 6 x 5/8"
Clips are always handy, so the screw mount version is for miscellaneous projects.

Clip size is 20mm x 40mm (screw mount version a bit longer)

Decided to do a thinner clip; underside_clip_light.stl

  • 3D model format: STL



I have been interested 3D, since seeing Lightwave3D on the Amiga computer some years ago.

Its only until recently I actually made a 3D model....Thanks to 3D printing; software has improved for creating objects.

I use Fusion360 at the moment.



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