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Tiki Torch Fence Mount

3D model description

This Tiki Torch holder bracket is meant to be attached to garden features like a self standing wall or fences. It is sized to accept standard Tiki Torch Metal canisters.

Update on 3/22/2018: I found there are several diameters of Tiki torch canister barrels and some are too large for this design without scaling.
Rev.B accommodates canisters up to 2.8" (or 70 mm) in diameter without scaling.
Rev.C accommodates canisters up to 3.0" (or 76 mm) in diameter without scaling.
I also took the opportunity to reduce the need for supports.

This Tiki Torch bracket is shared as a design in progress.
While I use it in its current design iteration, I think this design can be improved for safety, and ease of printing, and minimizing the need for supports.
Anybody is welcome to improve this design.

PS: I should need to write this, but, I don't recommend attaching a Tiki Torch to the side of a house, obviously! And, never leave an open flame unattended!

  • 3D file format: STL



I believe 3D printing and design sharing can reduce the environmental impact of product packaging and shipping, save countless hours of engineering time, and accelerate innovation.

...and it is a lot of fun!!!



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