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TIE Interceptor Lamp - Light up Stand

3D model description

A new stand for DavidHanwell's TIE Interceptor (math derived from Al Meerow). The stand light ups the model and provides enough light to double as a lamp.

3D printing settings

None of the prints require support

1) Print the TIE Interceptor model at 120%.

2) Print the battery box.

3) Print the stand and light mount/base

4) Cover the lamp base with Aluminum Foil (optional)

5) Wire a standard toggle switch and 12volt light together as shown in the picture. Make sure to put the wire through the lamp base or you might have trouble getting it in later (lesson learned). The 12volt light I am using is about 12mm diameter.

6) Install the switch from the top first.

7) Then push the battery box down into the stand from the top. I put mine in upside down and it catches on the toggle switch. I then use the bottom of the battery box to rest the light on (lifts it up just a little bit).

8) Put the light base and lamp on the top of the stand and add the TIE fighter.

  • 3D model format: STL





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