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The Ook Rope Hook

3D model description

You have discovered the Ook rope hook!

I designed this hook primarily to print in large numbers and hang led fairy lights all around my tent on a recent camping trip. It worked wonderfully for this purpose and the lights looked fantastic.

As soon as I designed it, I realised that this hook would also be useful for other things - a coat hanger perhaps, a towel dryer? a lamp holder? It fills so many hook'n'rope related needs!

I printed it at two scales in my tests : -

For the fairy lights, I printed x/y at 75% while keeping z at 100%. I did this because I wanted to print 16 in a short amount of time. These worked out to be about the minimum you would want to use - but great for fairy lights (if a little tight to get around the ropes).

For the 'coat/towel' test, I printed one at 200% on the x/y axis, while keeping the z at 100% again. This made an excellent towel dryer.

I designed two versions of the Ook too! The first - the classic Ook, worked perfectly on my camping trip, but I also wanted to try, 'Ook with a nose' which is designed to apply more tension to the rope (keeping the hook more firmly in place). Ook with a nose might be more practical on 200% + hooks, but I found it unnecessary on the small hook trials.

I would love to know what you guys hook with this thing,

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I think this is great. I am hammock camping this weekend and looking forward to using these. I printed a few small ones and a big one. I am hoping it is strong enough to keep my pack in place.

Almost a Cults logo :D