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The Nervous Duck

Download free 3D model The Nervous Duck, Randy_ZDownload free 3D model The Nervous Duck, Randy_Z

3D model description

A Headphone/Watch stand or figurine of a character I sculpted from a piece of concept art I found.

The model has been made into separate printable pieces to allow for Multi color prints.

A full piece of model has been included for prints with supported.

A full piece without stand has also been included.

It was a fun sculpt to work on to practice some character sculpting and 3d printing model preparation.

3D printing settings

Full piece or separated parts for multi colour prints.

Printing settings are up to the user but all parts are capable to be printed separately.

I'd suggest the Beak, Eyes, Eyebrows to be scaled by 5% smaller relative to the Body and Shirt model.

Join all pieces with standard glue or epoxy.


PM me for any model/3d prints information and requests.

  • 3D file format: ZIP



3D Generalist from South Africa. Printing whilst waiting for simulations or caches or renders.

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