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The Dome for Atnight app

3D model description

Print your own relaxing Lamp!

Relax your mind and fall asleep fast using scientifically proven breathing techniques.

Download the app, print this object, slide your device under the Dome beside your bed, and there you have it: a lamp to help you control your breathing and fall asleep quickly!

Enjoy three different modes:
- In/out: Synchronize your breathing with the intensity of the light. Yellow means inhale, orange means exhale.
- 478: This method is intended to slow your heart rate and calm your mind. It has 3 steps: inhale, hold, exhale. Just follow the three different colors.
- Candle light: A relaxing simulation of realistic candle light.

You also can play a tic toc sound in case your eyes start closing ;)

Did you fall asleep? Don't worry! Your screen will automatically turn off in 8 or 20 minutes. You choose.

  1. Print the Dome.
  2. Buy my Android app here, yes it's a paid app for 0.79c which I think is fair after all my work ;)** FREE from 24 - 31 Sept. **
  3. Choose a breathing method and relax.

The app is designed to be used with the Dome so the light will be reflected as a real lamp would, and the menus will be easily accessible. Without the Dome, it will be yet another relaxing app.

  • 3D file format: STL





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