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Taco Holder - Rolls over for easy filling / Flat base holds Taco upright when served

3D model description

If you prefer traditional shaped Taco's (not the wide flat bottomed shells) this is for you...

The Taco holder supports Taco Shells during filling and also on your plate. This holder lets you roll your Taco over for ease of filling then hold it upright so the filling doesn't fall out when it's served and being eaten.

The Taco Holder has designed in support that should be easy to remove. Place your Taco Shell in the slot running through the holder (not lengthwise) as this lets you roll the Taco Shell sideways for easy filling but it shouldn't fall over. The shape makes it 'self righting' so it will return to the upright position to keep the filling inside.

Once filled invert the holder and place lengthwise so its flat base will keep your Taco upright when served and while being eaten.

Refer to instructions and images.

3D printing settings

Print with 4 shells and 35% plus infill to make it strong but also flexible. The Taco Holder prints upside down with designed in support that should be very easy to snap away. Use Raft but do not turn Support on.

  • 3D file format: STL





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