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Sticky Note and Pen holder for Fridge

3D model description

My co-workers wanted a way to mark the food in the shared fridge with our name and date without having to permanently mark our containers (otherwise food would be forgotten/wasted). The sticky notes and pens were out of sight and out of mind so I created this to stick onto the fridge.
This thing has 3 holes in the back to fit the magnets I had spares of, about 4mm dia. and 3mm deep, but you might have different magents.
The holder can fit either the 3in. or 2in pads, the slot cut in the center allows easy access to the smaller pads. The pen hole was actually measured to fit up to a standard Sharpie marker.

3D printing settings

MakerWare 1.0 oriented upright and multiple mouse ears on the corners
Miracle Grue Medium settings
15% infill
2 shells
.25mm layer thickness
230C temp
80mm/sec speed

My Replicator 2 likes to squash vertical holes, so the holes for the magnets had to be cleaned up, but only a little bit so that the magnets could still be friction fit.

  • 3D file format: STL





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