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Steampunk Nixie Tube Clock

3D model description

Create a desktop Steampunk style Nixie Tube Clock. You will need to acquire a Nixie Tube Clock kit and other misc hardware to assemble this clock.

Quantity 1: 3D Print of Nixie_Tube_Front.STL
Alternate: Nixie_Tube Front_lower_resolution.STL (this is a smaller file but some detail is lost during printing)

Quantity 1: 3D Print of Nixie_Tube_Back.STL

Quantity 2: 3D Print of Nixie_Tube_Button M2.STL or Nixie_Tube_Button M1.STL or Nixie_Tube_Button_No_Gear.STL

Select from the three Nixie_Tube_Buttons depending which size screw you intend to use to install on the back of the clock. M1x3mm or M2x5mm screws. You can also just print the button with no gear on it.

Quantity 1 Nixie Tube Clock Kit (FunKlock)

Quantity 2 Tack Switch Panasonic part number: EVQ-PAC09K - these replace the switches which come with the FunKlock kit such that the adjustment switches are accessible from the back of the clock. Note: PV Electronics sells compatible buttons with the Finned Case for the FunKlock, you might be able to source these switches from them when you get your Nixie Tube Clock Kit.

Quantity 35 of M2x5mm Stainless Steel Button Screws

Quantity 4 M2x22mm Scew Bolt

Quantity 7 M2x6mmx3.5mm Female Threaded Brass Knurled Insert Embedded Nuts

Quantity 1 Packet of Antique Steampunk Gears

Optional Quantity 3 M1x3mm screws to install smaller gears.
I used these to install small gears on the buttons and one of the sides. You can just use M2x5mm screws and gears with larger holes in the centre instead. These screws can be found in eye glasses repair kits for cheap.

  • 3D file format: STL





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