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Silverware Whisk Adapter for Drill

3D model description

I wanted a way to quickly mix protein powder in a glass. Doing it by hand was too labor intensive and I didn't get everything 100% mixed all the time and would leave blobs of goop on the bottom sides of the glass.

More power was required! I made a slotted adapter that is fitted with two forks and then inserted into a drill. Now I can whisk the powder into its proper slurry in just a couple of seconds and not have any left over blobs.

Obviously there are a bazillion different fork handle designs in the world so I can't say this is a universal adapter. The forks I have on hand have handles that are slightly concave so they wedge quite nicely into the slots in the adapter.

Video in action

3D printing settings

Print out adapter
While print is still warm insert two utensils (forks) into slots. The tines can face each other or away, up to you.
Place adapter into drill chuck
Whisk away

  • 3D file format: STL





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