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Shishi-odoshi water fountain. No glue or screws.

3D model description

We have had a super hot summer here in Finland. One day I was in our garden and realised that our neighbours AC units condense water runs to us. So i started to use it as an automatic garden waterer.

Please see (and give a vote in the constest ;) the condense water project in Instructables:

The idea grew and it was time to make a Shishi-Odoshi. Please see below for part descriptions.

This model consists of many parts. There are a couple of rules I follow throughout the design process:

  1. No glue, screws or other sticking supplies shall be needed to build the model
  2. No supports shall be needed while printing

With my printer (Flashforge Createor Pro) these rules are fulfilled. Maybe if you have a printer with better tolerance the parts can be loose.

Video of the device working:

  • 3D file format: STL





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