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Self-Breathing Water Dispenser Lid

3D model description

Well, another 3D printer solution for another first-world problem. I will only drink ice cold water, so we always have a water dispenser in our fridge. However, it drives me crazy because of the pressure caused by the tightened lid. Every time I want to fill a glass the flow either trickles or I have to reach up and unscrew the lid then retighten (sorry, but something in me just won't allow the jug not to have a lid on it).

Anyway, I created this replacement lid with very tiny holes in it. Nothing gets into the water that shouldn't, and the pressure is automatically released whenever I get water our of the spigot for a full flow.

Here is the brand of container the lid was designed for, but should fit anything of similar size or brand:

  • 3D file format: STL





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