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Scrabble Game Piece Wall Art

3D model description

I got the idea to design each game piece from the board game, Scrabble. You can spell words out on the wall for certain rooms. For example, if you had a game room you can spell, "GAME ON" on the wall. Some other ideas to spell are people you love, places to see, favorite things or feelings. I put a few pictures of some examples of what I mean. I would like to enable multi-color prints for this model eventually when I learn to do so. This would allow you to print the base and number/letter a different color so it becomes more visible. Once printed, use double-sided tape or command strips to paste each piece to the wall. Please check out my other designs as you might find more cool things!

Update 7/28/17: I corrected the size of each game piece. I also made each game piece slightly thicker. I did this because I just printed one letter and when I took it off the bed, it had bent slightly.

  • 3D file format: STL



I am 17 years old and I started with 3D printing in March of 2017. This all started with some inspiration and motivation, which came from school and youtube videos. I own the Anet A8, which I feel all beginners should start with. It teaches you much more about 3D printing than just buying a pre-assembled one. My current interests include robotics, programming, designing, laser cutting and of course…3D printing.



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