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Extension Faucet

3D model description

Does your child need to climb the furniture to wash their hands? To ride on a bulky stool in the bathroom?

 Here is the solution! An extension for the faucets of your bathroom! Designed with simplicity and efficiency! (That's what we ask him!)

 This set fits all faucets, and will allow your children to wash their hands without calling you! (Are we all dreaming?)

 To use this tool, I have not managed to find simpler ... Fix the foam inside the upper part: for my part, I cut, in a foam panel LeroyMerlin, 2 rectangles that I stuck with double-sided tape. (Be careful, Superglu glues do not adhere to the foam). 2 countersunk screws and 2 nuts M4x50 are to be expected, available at Leroy Merlin, in 12 pieces for 2.49 €.

 In the image, the valve control was printed at 86% scale, because my printer does not allow me to print parts larger than 140mm.


3D printing settings

PLA printing:

Temperature: 190 °

Layer height: 0.14

Feed speed: 60mm / s

Movement speed: 80mm / s

Supports disabled

Off Raft

Brim enabled

  • 3D file format: STL





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Il a en effet déjà été primé, mais le règlement ne m'interdit pas de le faire concourir dans un autre concours

Il me semble avoir déjà vu ce projet! et peut-être a t-il été déjà primé, je me trompe????