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Wall Soap Holder, School Soap Holder, Rotating Soap Holder, Soap Holder SNCF, soap, bathroom

3D model description

As part of the contest



The Wall Soap Holder that everyone knows, returns to the taste of the day.

Advantages :

Economical (the soap does not melt in a cup), lasts a very long time, hygienic, always at hand (this is not the case of soap that slide under the furniture!).

Decoration element by the choice of color.

Special care for sensitive skin (donkey soap).

Base: file: "door_savon.stl" PLA color choice. Print time approximately 4 hours 45 minutes (in 150 micron per layer).

Metal rod brass: Diameter 6mm 19cm long threaded at both ends (can be replaced by a threaded rod stainless steel length 19cm, add 2 brass or stainless steel nuts.

Finishing washer: PLA "washer1PS.stl" file as desired. Printing time about 9 minutes (in 150 micron per layer).

Washers of soap (2 pieces): file "rondelle3PS.stl" PLA with the choice. Printing time approximately 9 minutes each (in 150 micron per layer).

Low soap holding washer: PLA "washer2PS.stl" file as desired. Printing time about 15 minutes (in 150 micron per layer). Insert one of the 2 nuts into its hexagonal housing.

"Soap for wall soap" or soap for "school soap holder" very easy to find on the internet: (color and composition). Dimensions: length 10cm, diameter 6 cm, inner recess 10mm. (About 3.5 € plus postage).

3D printing settings

For DAGOMA DiscoEasy200:

Chromatik filament.

Temperature 220 °, 150micron layers, only for base select a 33% part fill, standard V2 head, no print media.

Modeling: TINKERCAD website

  • 3D model format: STL



Vieux retraité qui ne pense qu'à réparer et créer!



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