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PIR Sensor Bracket

3D model description

I recently broke a bracket from one of my PIR sensors that makes up part of my house alarm, and I could not find a seller that just sold the bracket alone so I decided that I would design and print one myself. So glad I did as it works perfectly.

The brackets simply screws to the wall via the 2 holes and with the added ball joint swivel it allows you to position it correctly

3D printing settings

Ive attached my Cura settings but in a nutshell they were :

Layer Height - 0.1mm

Infill - 100%
Speed - 60mm/s
Supports - NO
Time - 01hr 25min
Amount of Filiment - 2.54m
Cost in £ - £0.18p
Build Plate Adhesion - Skirt and a little Hairsray (Insette Clubbers Extra Hold works great)

  • 3D file format: STL



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