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Pill Keyfob

3D model description

I needed to have some pills with me as I so often forget to take them. So I made this which attaches to a keyring and allows me to securely store the pills.

I printed this using a combination of normal and anti-microbial PLA. I have attached the factory files to achieve this, but if you don't have a dual-extrusion option then you can print however you like.

The logic was to keep the pills as securely as possible so that they don't get damaged by moving around. For this reason there are discrete slots for each pill so that they can't slide around. One can easily remix this for their own ones, I imagine.

I've used quite a fine thread to prevent dust ingress and to reduce the likelihood of it vibrating loose.

  • 3D file format: STL



I am very much an enthusiastic amateur when it comes to designing. My designs tend to have two things in common

1) They serve a purpose. I like to design functional objects which have a real-world use. 3D printing for art is fine, but it's its real-world application which will take the technology forward
2) Wherever possible I design to be easy to print and try to eschew supports or complex printing; modifying the design where necessary and possible to achieve this.



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