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Pencil Caps (Lead Protectors)

3D model description

I was inspired to design this pencil cap when my pencil lead broke while inside my school bag. But now, thanks to the pencil cap, the lead will never break again while not in use, I will never be pricked grabbing for one, and my other stuff will be protected. It is very easy and quick to print and it slides on to pretty much all pencils and colored pencils.

The idea behind this design is that with the cap on, the lead never touches anything, not even the cap, thereby making it impossible for the lead to break. It has been successfully tested with multiple pencils and the sharpest leads.

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  • 3D file format: STL



My name is Arden Markin and I have been extremely passionate about 3D-printing and modeling ever since I got my 3d printer. I am still in high school and any extra time I have is spent in modeling, cardistry, or chess. I am also a huge Nintendo fan.



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