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Pen Holder

3D model description

There's already tons of Pen Holders on Cults, but I wanted to have one with some organic touch to it.

3D printing settings

This is a rather long print (12+ hours), with a large STL file (30MB Binary STL). Due to the long print time, I recommend printing it from SD card, rather than via USB.

There is also a file penholder_reduced.stl. This should help those who had issues with slicing it. It contains the same penholder as the original, but at a somewhat reduced resolution.

There is some overhangs and bridging within the thing, that should print just fine. Do not print with support, you will not get it out!

The print in the picture used PLA filament from XYD (Chinese low-cost material at USD 22/kg), printed on a Rep2 at 220 degrees, Makerware 2.0 "MiracleGrue" slicer, 0.2mm layers, Sailfish 7.3 and 100mm/s. After the first few layers, I increased the speed to 150%

Please note that after around 60% of the print, the whole print started to continue printing somewhat offset by 1-2mm. I don't really understand why this is, and I am also not the only one (see the Comments section!).

  • 3D file format: STL





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