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Spice organizer

3D model description

If like me you're tired of digging in your cupboards to find a spice.

This organizer allows you to store your 6 most used spices to have them at hand.

It can be fixed under a high cabinet or in a closet.

Printable in 8 parts:

1) A "Fixed part" to screw in the furniture (Only 2 screws length 30mm maxi)

2) A "mobile part"

3) Six "rings"

Assembled dimensions (without spice):

200mm long x 78mm wide x80mm high.


1) To attach the rings on the moving part you will need to get a tube of strong glue paying attention to the direction of the rings.

Rings at the bottom and movable part with the 2 axes of the center at the top (See photo).

2) For fastening to the furniture pay attention to the position. See photos

Operation: See GIF

Feel free to suggest me improvements.

Thank you for leaving your comments.


3D printing settings

Printed with an A8 anet

 Nozzle Ø0.4

 PLA filament

I put the same print settings for all three pieces:

 Layer height> 0.2mm

 Wall> 0.8mm

 Print speed> 75mm / s

 Movement speed> 120 mm / s

 Density of filling> 30%

 Extrusion temperature> 200 °

 Tray temperature> 60 °

Attention: for the moving part which is the most imposing piece, I advise you a border of 8mm wide so as not to have a wraping.

Tip: I use a glass plate (picture frame) and hairspray 😉

Print time:

 Fixed part> 42min

 Mobile part> 2h08mim

 Rings> 18min per piece (108min for 6)

The quality is average with these parameters. Free to modify them

  • 3D file format: STL





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