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Op-Art Beverage Coaster Puzzle

3D model description

A large coaster that can also be used as four small coasters.
For a two-color result, the filament must be changed during printing.

The base plate has a height of 2mm, then followed by the decoration with a height of 0.5mm.
With a layer thickness of 0.25mm, the filament change must take place immediately before layer 9.
I have modified the GCode in the corresponding line and inserted the following commands there.

G0 X50.3 Y74.044 Z2.25    ; first command for layer 9

G0 F3150 X50 Y10          ; move to filament change position
@pause                    ; switch Repetier-Server to pause-mode
M104 S210                 ; switch-on hotend after pause
G28                       ; home all axis
G1 F150 Z2.25             ; first only lift vertically
G0 F1000 X50.3 Y74.044 Z2.25  ; move to first position in layer
  • 3D file format: STL





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