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Money Tree... Money does grow on trees!

3D model description

A 'just for fun' print as a talking point this is a small and easy print that lets you make your own 'Money Tree'.

No support required and it doesn't use much filament.... once printed just add some notes and you have evidence that money 'does grow on trees... if they are 3D printed!

The Money Tree should work with almost any denomination of bank notes. Just fold them in half lengthwise, push them into the top of the designed in slots (with the centre piece up through the fold in the note to hook it in place) then slide the note to the bottom of the slot.

There is a top slot that works in the same way but the angle has been reduced so the top not stands near upright but will still stay in place.

There are seven slots in total so seven notes are required. It goes without saying I wouldn't recommend using notes of high value for a display piece like this....

Note: Before inserting your bank notes check each slot is clear by slipping a piece of paper in/out just in case there has been some filament stringing during printing.

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3D printing settings

This is a straight forward print on a Replicator 2 or 5th Generation Replicator so should print well on most machines.

Use 0.20mm/Std. resolution with Raft, 4 shells and at least 30% infill. This is done to make sure it is solid in any thin areas... it's a small print so doesn't use much filament even with these settings.

  • 3D model format: STL





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